In Search of After

The next book I am releasing is In Search of After.  I know what you’re thinking: indecisive much?  Yes, yes I am.  And that’s okay because I only have to answer to me so I can release what I want when I want. Oh yeah, and my readers.  Sorry about confusing you by changing up every five seconds which book I’m going to release.  The initial plan was to release Jake’s book, No Time Like Now, next, but I cannot release it until it’s ready.  And after an extensive manuscript review, my editor and I have decided that book is definitely not ready.  So After the release of ISOA, I will devote all the time and attention necessary.  So you can expect that release late summer.   Fall is going to be busy, busy, BUSY for me. I am going to ambitiously try to release a book a month. That’s four more books before the year’s end.  WHO DOES THAT???? Me, that’s who. 😉 So anyway, as promised, I have some teasers for In Search of After, and this is the first one.  I’m thinking that I may post a new one every day until its release because I’m just so fricken excited about this book!  Anyhooo….


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