Writing Books is Hard to Do

I’ve always loved to write.  I think anyone that truly knows me knows this. Even in college, I could write academic papers with ease.  Writing is my art, but I was always to afraid to share my art with the world.  I was afraid of the scrutiny I would subject my work to, but I decided that not writing would never be an option.  Then after sharing what I had written with some friends and family, they convinced me that what I had written was pretty good. So I decided to self-publish my first novel No Place Like Home without any warning.   I just put it out one day, and hoped like hell people would like it.

Now that I’ve decided to actually try and earn a living off of my writing, I’ve been feeling conflicted.  Before when I wrote, it was for my eyes only (and occasionally I would share it with others), so I only had myself to please.  However as I continue to write, I often struggle with writing what makes me happy and writing what I think the readers will like. I think to be successful, it is important to find balance in both, and just accept the fact that some people will like what you write and others won’t.  This is a tricky business, but I am trying to figure it out.  I’m just starting out, and I’ve got plenty of time to figure it out.

Just thought I’d share that…oh yeah, and this teaser pic from In Search of After.


In Search of After

The next book I am releasing is In Search of After.  I know what you’re thinking: indecisive much?  Yes, yes I am.  And that’s okay because I only have to answer to me so I can release what I want when I want. Oh yeah, and my readers.  Sorry about confusing you by changing up every five seconds which book I’m going to release.  The initial plan was to release Jake’s book, No Time Like Now, next, but I cannot release it until it’s ready.  And after an extensive manuscript review, my editor and I have decided that book is definitely not ready.  So After the release of ISOA, I will devote all the time and attention necessary.  So you can expect that release late summer.   Fall is going to be busy, busy, BUSY for me. I am going to ambitiously try to release a book a month. That’s four more books before the year’s end.  WHO DOES THAT???? Me, that’s who. 😉 So anyway, as promised, I have some teasers for In Search of After, and this is the first one.  I’m thinking that I may post a new one every day until its release because I’m just so fricken excited about this book!  Anyhooo….