Before I wrote NPLH…

I had written maybe five or six other books. Each of them I can see me publishing someday, like Soundless. I started writing it last summer, and finished it right before Christmas–right before I started NPLH. I remember the day I typed the first words: “So, there really is no hope for me at all.” Before I started it, I had written a very, very personal story that is untitled, but I was emotionally spent after I wrote it. I turned to my boyfriend, and I was like, “Marcus, I’m ready to write another story.” And he goes, “Britt, really, do you ever take a break?” I didn’t answer that because he already knew the answer, which of course is no. But anyway, he suggested that I write about someone with a disability, like either someone who was going blind or deaf and is learning to adjust. SO…I chose to write about someone who is going deaf. It is a truly heart-wrenching story, but it’s hopeful and of course there is a HEA because that is a requirement for me. It was very personal because before my mother passed away, she went blind, and I witnessed how difficult it was to adjust sometimes, but she was amazingly resilient, and that’s something I wanted for my character. I can’t wait to share that story with you all. I’m aiming to publish it in May or June, but it has to be edited, and I can’t really say how long that process will take but I’m really excited to release it and share it with everyone! -B.

No Place Like Home is Available for Purchase!!!

Hello, hello, again!

Okay, so after several administrative delays….No Place Like Home has been published.  It is available on all major digital retailers (in ebook) as well as in paperback via or just click the link below to order it straight from me.  I would recommend you order from me because there will be no s&h charges and you can get it signed and personalized!!!  If you click the link below, you can pay using Paypal.  If you do not have a Paypal account, I can still work with you…just shoot me an email and we can get your payment processed another way if you have a credit/debit card.  Thanks for all your support!

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