The countdown begins…

I absolutely cannot believe that No Place Like Home is going live on Amazon in just nine days! My mind is blown! All I know is that this is a dream come true for me, whether the book sells a little or a lot. I’m just glad I finally stuck to something from start to finish…I’m sure my scatter-brained compadres out there can relate.  So as I said, the countdown is officially on, and to kick things off, I’m posting an exclusive excerpt. Ready? Okay, here it goes:

The minute he steps into closer proximity to me, my heart begins drumming so loudly in my chest that I can hear it in my ears.  My breath quickens, and I feel my pulse race.  “I haven’t stopped thinking about her gorgeous tan skin.” He lightly trails his fingertips along the side of my face, and I close my eyes, willing my heart to beat at a steady pace. “I haven’t stopped thinking about her big, beautiful hazel eyes and the way they look at me.”  As if it’s even possible, he steps closer.  So close that I can feel his breath on my skin. “Most of all, I couldn’t stop thinking about these sexy little lips, and the way they turn up at the corners and form one of the most radiant smiles I’ve ever seen.  Do you want to know what else comes to my mind when I think about your lips?”

He bends his head down so that our faces are merely inches apart.  When he cups my face, I lean into his caress. “I imagine how soft they are and how they would feel pressed against mine.”