What I Am Currently Working On….

All of the teasers and blurbs I have posted so far are of works that I have already completed. I am working on an emotional read.  Here’s a snippet.

The darkness threatens to take me.  Black corners tunnel my vision as I fight to find the light.  I want it.  I can see it, but my attempts to capture it are feeble. 

I want to raise my hands to grasp it, but my fragile bones are devoid of movement.  My dilapidated muscles are completely incapable of providing them any support.  I am pretty sure this is what dying feels like.

Writing about Forbidden Relationships

I honestly don’t know what started this knack for writing about forbidden relationships.  Perhaps it’s my belief in true love.  I think that we all have someone who is meant for us and only us.  With that said, life sort of takes us in crazy directions and our circumstances cannot be helped.  What types of forbidden relationships should I explore with this series?

So far I have..
-The taken man.
-The best friend’s ex.
-The teacher/student.
-Perhaps step-brother/sister??? Is that going too far? I promise I will not indulge in incest…that is just all types of wrong, but would it be wrong to write about a girl who falls for her step-brother?  What if they hadn’t become step-siblings until they were adults.  How would this change things???

Teaser Tuesday

As promised, here is an excerpt from Not Loving You

“Bull shit, Evangeline.  Your dad may have faced some shit in his lifetime that you nor I would probably ever have the strength for, and I appreciate all he has done for our country, but that is the most terrible advice in the world.” Noah lays his hand on Evie’s lap.  The action is so casual and innocent, yet the warmth of his hand causes Evie’s body to react in ways she wishes it wouldn’t.

Noah leans closer, and cups her cheek in his hand.  “Evie, hiding your emotions isn’t brave and it isn’t healthy. That’s the coward thing to do.  Maybe those people who put their emotions on display are often much more vulnerable, but at least they are unafraid to take a chance.”  Noah traces circles with the pad of his thumb on her cheek, and Evie becomes entranced by his touch.  Her eyes drift from his deep blue orbs to his succulent lips and back to his eyes.  She is surprised to find that when she looks back up at him, he is doing the same.  But this time when she looks into his eyes, she sees something she never saw before: passion, need, and hunger.  His expression was intense—almost threatening—a look paradoxical to his soft, sensual caresses.

Noah slowly closes the distance between their faces in what Evie can assume is a kiss, but it isn’t until his soft lips gently brush against her own, that she melts completely.  As much as she knows that she should break away, she can’t.  She returns Noah’s kiss as she sets her glass on the coffee table, their mouths never losing contact.  She closes the distance between their bodies as Noah intensifies the kiss.  He traces her bottom lip with his tongue, begging for entrance into her heat, and she obliges.  He tastes her tentatively at first, and Evie opens her mouth with a low moan. 

When Noah finally breaks the kiss he rests his forehead against Evie’s as they both struggle to catch their breath. “That was incredible,” he tells her as he slowly pulls away, and Evie immediately misses the contact.  Noah stands up, and lets out a frustrated moan as he paces the floor in Evie’s living room.  He runs a hand through his neatly styled mane in a bit of agitation.

Evie walks up behind Noah, wraps her arms around his waist and lays her head against his back. “Noah, I’m sorry.  I just got lost in the moment. We were drinking and I—”

Noah turns around in her arms and silences her with another kiss.  But this kiss is nothing like the first kiss.  This kiss is much more fervent and demanding.  This time, Noah doesn’t wait for entry into her mouth.  He thrusts his tongue behind her teeth and strokes her tongue with his own.  Yes, this is definitely different, unlike any kiss Evie has experienced before.  Not just because of the passion with which he kisses her, but also because of the feelings it ignites inside of her.  Suddenly, the kiss becomes too much for her to handle, and she yanks away from him. “I’m sorry—”

“Why do you keep saying you’re sorry, Evie? I kissed you—both times—so you have no reason to be sorry.”  Noah says as he leans in again, but this time Evie turns away.

“I can’t, Noah.  This isn’t right.  You’re in town because of your fiancée.  You’re meeting her parents in the morning for Crissakes!  This is all kinds of wrong, and I—I just can’t.  Maybe you should leave.”  Evie heads to the door when Noah catches her by the wrist. 

“What if I don’t want to?”

Risky Love

So… I completely love books that are in a series.  I never thought I would like the whole cliffhanger thing, but as I have delved into more New Adult books, I have come to find that some of these wonderful authors in this genre create lovable characters that I can’t seem to get enough of.  So….I have decided that the first books that I will release will be a series, but it will be a series of standalone books that center on the subject of risky love.  What is “risky love”?  Risky love is what I am calling forbidden love…relationships that should never come to be, much like Amethyst and Luke’s story. The only unifying thread of these books is its subject matter.  These books vary completely, from the setting to the point of view in which they are told.  For #teaserTuesday I am going to post a snippit of Not Loving You–Evangeline McDaniel and Noah Wildes’ story.

Not Expecting You (the blurb)

So I finally decided to post the blurb despite not hearing a single ounce of feedback from any of my CPs or beta readers.  Hope you enjoy it.

What happens when a girl starts dating her best friend’s ex?  That’s what twenty-one-year-old Amethyst James wants to know.  Surely she and Luke Peterson have a history that goes beyond his failed relationship with her best friend, Elaine Livingston, but that doesn’t stop the guilt that Amethyst feels about betraying the one person who has been there for her no matter what.  Amethyst loves Elaine like a sister, and hurting her is the absolute last thing in the world she wants to do, but the attraction she feels to Luke is too intense to resist.

But as she and Luke spend more and more time together and build an unexpected relationship that goes beyond a few steamy hook-ups, Amethyst is convinced that Luke may be the one for her.  But how can they openly express their feelings for one another when she is constantly afraid of how her best friend will react when she finds out?

When a surprising turn of events threatens to pull them apart, will their feelings for one another be enough to hold them together or will everything they never expected to find in each other crumble in the process?

Not Expecting You

Although it is the most recent book I have written, I have decided to publish Not Expecting You first.  I just think it is a great story that is very original, and honestly, I have fallen completely in love with the perfectly flawed people I have created.  I have already written a blurb, but I am in the process of having it edited. Once I get some feedback, I will post it for all to see! I can’t wait for the world to meet Amethyst James and Luke Peterson, and all the other characters from Not Expecting You.